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Photos day 10:

Road trip from Skagway.

  • Fraser, British Colombia {Canadian customs}
  • Carcross, Yukon Territory {formerly called Caribou Crossing}
  • Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
  • old Dyea township site, Skagway, Alaska

It was raining both times we went through the border crossing at Fraser, BC so I did not get any pictures of this beautiful area.
Here are some of the many lakes between Fraser and the BC / Yukon border.

One lake crosses the BC / Yukon border.

The railroad and a pedestrian bridge go over the river at Carcross.

This is where the White Pass and Yukon Route railroad meets the Yukon River in Whitehorse.

The town of Dyea, once an equal to Skagway, went away when the railroad went through Skagway.

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