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Roaming Alaska's Inside Passage.


Northbound Ferry:
  • Depart from Bellingham, Washington, Friday Evening.
  • Short stop at Ketchikan, Alaska, Sunday morning.
  • Short stop at Wrangell, Alaska, Sunday afternoon.
  • Short stop at Petersburg, Alaska, Sunday night.
  • Arrive at Juneau, Alaska, Monday Morning
Stay in Juneau:
  • Monday, Visit Mt Roberts & Mendenhall Glacier.
  • Tuesday, Visit downtown Juneau, museum tours.
  • Wednesday, Hike the Perseverance trail trail out of Juneau.
  • Thursday, Hike on Douglas Island.
  • Friday, Revisit downtown Juneau and catch the ferry.
Northbound Ferry:
  • Depart from Juneau, Alaska, Friday night
  • Arrive at Skagway, Alaska, Saturday morning.
Stay in Skagway.
  • Saturday, visit downtown Skagway.
  • Sunday, Drive to Whitehorse, Yukon, tour the old Dyea townsite.
  • Monday, revisit downtown Skagway and catch ferry.
Southbound Ferry:
  • Depart from Skagway, Alaska, Monday night.
  • Short stop at Haines, Alaska, Monday night.
  • Short stop at Juneau, Alaska, Tuesday morning.
  • Short stop at Sitka, Alaska, Tuesday afternoon.
  • Short stop at Petersburg, Alaska
  • Short stop at Wrangell, Alaska
  • Short stop at Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Arrive at Bellingham, WA, Friday morning.


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