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Various Big Fires

Here are a few of the big fires that I took photos of in 1995.

( Riverside S.R. 60 ) | ( Avalon x 45th ) | ( Fontana )

"Riverside SR60"Copyright 1995, Doug Pearson, CFPA
Brush fire south of State Route 60 near Gilman Springs road in Riverside County.
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"Avalon and 45th"Copyright 1995, Doug Pearson, CFPA
Engine 14 Truck 33
Greater alarm commercial structure fire, Los Angeles City.
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"Fontana"Copyright 1995, Doug Pearson, CFPA
This fire started from a car fire along Interstate 15 in the city of Fontana, and burned a total of 2,500 acres before being contained, one house was lost to the flames.
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